Which countries have legalised recreational use of cannabis and who is likely to follow?


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Which countries have legalised recreational use of cannabis and who is likely to follow?

It seems that the recreational use of cannabis has become something that is rising in legality in the world. More people are realising the benefits that come from cannabis; and that the negatives might not be as bad as they seem.

This means that more and more countries around the world are taking steps to de-criminalise cannabis or make it legal.

Of course, one of the most common places for this has to be in the Netherlands; but there lots more places where the recreational use of cannabis is allowed. Not only this, but there are also plenty which are likely to be following suit soon too.

Where is recreational cannabis legal already?

There are plenty of places in the world where you can smoke cannabis legally; one is Canada, who legalised the use of recreational cannabis during 2018. That said, there is definitely a sense of not speaking about it here, as it is not promoted, more just accepted.

If you are in Belize, then as of 2017 you can have cannabis up to 10 grams on your person and not be in trouble; it is also important to remember that you can smoke it in your own home; or in the home of someone else, so long as they have given you permission.

Another place that is well known for its use of recreational cannabis is Jamaica. Cannabis has been decriminalised here since 2015 and it is something that seems to have been embraced as a way of life in this particular part of the world.

Where is it likely it will be legalised soon?

One place that is constantly changing and has some pretty huge contradictions is the USA. The rules that relate to recreational cannabis vary from state to state; which means that you need to be careful when you are travelling around. However, it is worth keeping an eye on this as things do change.

Spain is another one on the list; it seems that it is much more relaxed around the Catalonia region, however things are changing across the entire country. There are even some cafes in Spain that have been allowed to sell Cannabis; however, it is worthwhile doing your research before you head there.

Not far from Spain we have Portugal; which is a country well known for having a progressive approach to drugs. During 2000, they took the bold decision to decriminalise all drugs and they treated addiction as a medical issue, rather than seeing it is a criminal one. That said, they have yet to make it legal, although this does seem like a logical step.

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