Top 5 Cannabis strains suitable for growing outside in the UK climate

top 5 outdoor cannabis uk kingdom of seeds

The recent legalization of medical cannabis has given UK farmers a lot to be merry about especially with regard to the potentially huge profits they may be able to earn as they invest in this venture. However, this upturn in fortune does little to curtail the challenges faced by farmers seeking to grow weed outdoors. These obstacles range from the extremely strict licensing regulations to the humid climate that is likely to turn weed flowers into breeding grounds for mould.

This article seeks to provide its readers with valuable information as far as overcoming UK weather patterns and pests to effectively grow weed is concerned. Interaction with this article should be able to enlighten its students on the most suitable cannabis strains that one should grow in the UK so as to ensure a bumper harvest.

Cannabis cultivation in the British Climate

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British weather typically involves a lot of rain.

The UK has a climate that is generally wetter and colder than that of other countries found in the rest of Europe. This is because its weather is maritime influenced thereby making it have cooler summers and significantly mild winters. While it is true that Cannabis as a plant requires adequate water to grow healthily, excessive humidity can also be extremely detrimental.

It is therefore advisable for farmers to select fast flowering strains which are able to grow within the short UK growing season. Mould resistant strains and autoflowering strains are also recommended as a remedy for the largely humid UK climatic conditions which may lead to mould infestation on the crops.

Top 5 cannabis strains to grow in the UK

The following are the premier cannabis seed strains as far as UK outdoor growing is concerned.

They include:


critical indoor kingdom of seeds
Indoor grown Critical flowering.

Not every grower in the UK enjoys such seasonal warmth as the south-west. Those up in Northern Scotland and the Highlands need something that can handle a shorter growing season and cold snaps—a strain like Critical. This descendant of Afghani and Skunk provides a well-balanced high that wakes up the mind while relaxing the body. Her bushy indica morphology and hardy genetics can handle the cold with ease. Enjoy a yield of 600–650g/plant after a brief flowering period of 7–9 weeks.

Blue Dream’matic

fastbuds blue dream matic kingdom of seeds
FastBuds Blue Dream’matic ready for the chop!

The guys over at FastBuds have made the classic Blue Dream; even better, somehow improving upon the original autoflowering strain. The result is Blue Dream’matic, a 75% sativa-dominant strain that’s ready to harvest in a short 9–11 weeks, with monster yields of up to 300g/plant. She has a wonderfully uplifting yet mellow effect, which makes her a good all-rounder smoke you can enjoy at any time. She starts you out with a happy, inspiring effect that gradually transitions into a deep stone. Good for sleeping troubles, stress relief, and chronic pain!

Early Skunk

sensi seeds early skunk kingdom of seeds
Juicy Early Skunk bud ready for pluckin’!

Early Skunk by Sensi Seeds, just like the original Skunk, is a true all-rounder that reliably grows everywhere, indoors and out. The original Skunk #1 is already renowned for her ease of growth and robust nature, but Sensi Seeds upped the ante by crossing this classic with the resilient Early Pearl. Out comes a turbocharged killer strain that excels in pretty much every environment. This indica-dominant hybrid is very resistant to mould, and requires only 55–65 days of bloom—perfect for the British climate!

Cream Caramel

cream caramel kingdom of seeds
Nearly ready! Cream Caramel dripping in THC

Cream Caramel is a suitable indica strain for outdoor growing since it takes only 7 weeks to fully mature. It is also advantageous in terms of yield since its buds facilitate a great harvest both in terms of quality and quantity. Cream Caramel, named after its sweet caramel aroma, is a 90% indica cross between BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino. Covered in a sugary coat of THC-rich resin, Cream Caramel delivers heavy, relaxing indica effects that soothe the mind and body.

Haze Berry

kingdom of seeds royal queen seeds haze berry automatic
Haze Berry Automatic from RQS

Those in the warmer south-west can enjoy growing longer-flowering sativa varieties. Haze Berry provides a stimulating cerebral high, berry-flavoured terpenes, and a rewarding yield. She’ll pump out up to 650g/plant after a flowering time of 9–11 weeks when grown in containers or garden beds. A cross between Super Silver Haze and DJ Short’s famous Blueberry, Haze Berry is an 80% sativa hybrid that has become quite popular for its combination of sweet berry, indica-like flavours and sativa highs.

Other cannabis seeds to consider for the UK climate

Hollands Hope

Hollands Hope is one of the best cannabis strains for outdoor growing in the UK as it’s a very stable hybrid with predetermined outcomes. Flowering for about 8 weeks, Hollands Hope can be harvested near the end of September. Buds develop a golden-green colour when ready for harvesting and contain about 15% THC. Hollands Hope grows under 1 metre (80 – 90 cm) so it’s excellent for ‘gorilla’ grows and produces over 450+ grams of potent bud per plant.

Black Widow

Black widow is an indica weed strain and is thus believed to have a relaxing effect on its users. It is a crossbreed between the White Widow and Misty strains. Its 9 to 10-week maturity period make it suitable for growth in the UK since it can fully develop within the shortened British cultivation period.

Blue Dream

Blue dream is a sativa strain that is mostly used for relaxation purposes. Growing it guarantees huge yields as well as sweet tasting buds after 10 to 11 weeks of cultivation under the suitable conditions.


Cannabis as a crop is one of those with quite a variety of functions. The greatest and most noble of these is without a doubt its medicinal purpose. Growing it outdoors should therefore be fun for farmers who are looking to improve the health system through their yields.

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