Bomb Seeds

Well quite simply, if you are looking for the best combination of Strength, Power, Quality and Yield; Bomb Seeds genetics are one of the best available. Their selection process of the best traits from world beating strains, combined with their explosive Bomb genetics delivers time after time.

Bomb Seeds are organically grown in the Netherlands under strictly controlled conditions. All batches are regularly tested for optimum quality and consistency. All Bomb Seeds are then hand selected to ensure maturity and viability.

Bomb Seeds genetics are fully stabilised and bred for complete genetic consistency ensuring all strains and traits breed true in every plant.

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Bomb Seeds – at Kingdom of Seeds

Buy cannabis seeds from Bomb Seeds and you will receive a product that has been fully maximised for power, quality, strength, speed and yield with no mercy shown. Their full range includes regular, feminised and autofem cannabis strains for recreational and medicinal purposes with a full mix of sativa and indica based plus CBD rich strains.

If you have never tried Bomb Seeds marijuana seeds before, then check out their signature strain, the THC Bomb. It can provide a massive 20-25% high THC level that has enough strength, taste and yield for any individual or commercial grower. Or for something new, why not try their Indica / sativa hybrid Atomic Bomb producing exceptional yields of quality bud with THC levels that can reach up to 26% .