Help us to help the environment with Ecologi

We are excited to announce that Kingdom of Seeds are now a carbon neutral company!

By working with Ecologi, Kingdom of Seeds is able to offset the carbon of all of our employees, not only at work but at home too.
However, this doesn’t give us carte blanche to use more carbon, and we have made some changes to our lifestyle to help reduce our carbon footprint to begin with. 

One Order One Tree  –  That’s our promise

For every order you place a percentage of that towards planting trees with each order guaranteed to plant at least one tree. 

One project we are currently supporting

Project information – Repairing water boreholes in Eritrea

This project will provide long term access to safe and clean water using borehole technology to hundreds of households within Zoba Debub district in Eritrea. By providing safe water, the project will ensure that households consume less firewood during the process of water purification and as a result, there shall be a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion process.At any one time, up to 40% of the hand pumps in Eritrea that draw water up from groundwater aquifers are broken, often due to lack of regular maintenance and funding. Groundwater that has been naturally purified as it percolates through pores in the rock can be a source of safe water and in many cases, communities relying on unsafe water will have a hand pump lying derelict nearby.

Helping the local community

Only one in five people in Eritrea have close access to an improved water source, with others travelling many miles or relying on unsafe surface water sources such as rivers or open wells. This has profound health impacts with water and sanitation, making it the second-biggest driver of death and disability in the country. Years of persistent drought conditions in the region has further restricted access to water resources, compounding the problem and putting strains on local communities.By providing a guaranteed maintenance scheme whilst training the local communities on how to protect the water source, we can ensure convenient access to safe water.