How and why you should pay with Bitcoin

Save Money

For paying with Bitcoin you'll receive a 10% discount on your order.

Quick Setup

Paying by Bitcoin for the first time takes around 25 minutes. From then on it takes 1-2 minutes.


Bitcoin exchanges require identification to make a purchase.

Internet Access

To use exchanges, wallets and the Kingdom of Seeds website you will need a cell phone, tablet or desktop device.

Placing an order on Kingdom of Seeds using Bitcoin

Please Note: Some Bitcoin wallets will ask you if you are sending your Bitcoin to a ‘third party’ and, if so, to detail the website of that third party. As all Bitcoin addresses are anonymous, there is no need for you to share this information with them.

    1. Browse the Kingdom of Seeds website, add your chosen products to the shopping cart and select the delivery method.
    2. Select “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies” as your payment method on Kingdom of Seeds. You will now have 4 hours to complete your order (please send your Bitcoin immediately as it can sometimes take an hour to confirm the payment).
    3. Using the exchange you are setup on, navigate to the correct page in order to send Bitcoin.
    4. Enter the amount of Bitcoins you’d like to transfer. Then simply confirm this transaction.
    5. Check your email for payment confirmation email from Kingdom of Seeds.

What is Bitcoin?


Fast, Reliable, Secure and Anonymous, Why Use Anything Else?
Invented in 2008, Bitcoin is digital money. It is money just like dollars or euros, only it’s not owned by a government, or in fact any person or any organisation.
Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer system for online payments that does not require a trusted central authority. It’s just like sending an email, there is no one in the middle. Over $500 Million worth of transactions are made securely each day on the Bitcoin network.
It is now extremely easy to purchase Bitcoins via Card or Bank Transfer. Using Bitcoin Made Easy, you can find a Bitcoin exchange that accepts payment by credit or debit card, making the process quick and easy.
Cannabis seed collectors value their privacy and using Bitcoin means that nobody but you and the seller knows what you are buying – that’s why Bitcoin is the perfect payment option for cannabis seeds.
Bitcoin is now seen by many as a financial revolution. They are choosing Bitcoin as their preferred method of payment to enable their financial privacy and freedom.

Ready to buy cannabis seeds using Bitcoin?

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